01. A painting by Vincent van Gogh was recently sold for $35 million in an [auction] in England.
02. The [auctioneers] figure that my antique couch may sell for over $1,000.
03. My mom wanted to buy this kitchen table we saw at the [auction], but the bidding went too high.
04. They [auctioned] off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS.
05. The best [auction] house for antique furniture here in town is Lund's.
06. My friends bought a beautiful table at an [auction] for only $80.
07. I don't like going to [auctions] because I always end up bidding more than I should for stuff.
08. A number of celebrities [auctioned] off personal items to raise money for the victims of the terrorist attacks.
09. A number of sketches by John Lennon were [auctioned] off in London for thousands of dollars.
10. The highest price ever paid for alcohol at [auction] was $79,552 for a 50-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich whisky.
11. At an [auction] at Christie's in London, three condoms from the 18th century sold for $1,500.
12. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid $772,500 for President John F. Kennedy's golf clubs at a 1996 [auction].
13. Buying and selling stuff through [auctions] on the Internet is big business these days.
14. At the peak of the slave trade, Jamaica served as an [auction] center where slaves were bought and sold.
15. The flowers of the Netherlands are sold daily at large [auctions], such as at Aalsmeer, where 12 million flowers are purchased every day.
16. A Hebrew proverb advises us, "Don't visit [auctions] if you have no money."
17. In England in the 1800s, a man could sell his unwanted wife in a general [auction] in the marketplace.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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